Review of The Wii U

I know the Wii U has been out now for over a year but I feel now, more than ever, that current reviews are important. This month I decided that it was time to buy a new system. As a person who has owned Xbox from day one, I wanted to go with the Xbox One. But after doing a bit of research, I decided that I was going to buy the Wii U. The reason I made this decision was the lack of exclusive games for the Xbox One. I also like to give new products time to get some updates out to fix current bugs. Also the lack of people I know who own the system is kind of a turn off. But I am noticing more people on my social networking accounts purchasing the system, so I will more than likely purchase one soon so I can play with everyone.


Out of the box, the Wii U is a great system. The touch screen is very cool, but I thought it kind of defeated the purpose of a console since you just want to watch the touch screen when you have the option to. I was pleased with the selection of games available. Being a Nintendo kid, I was happy to find out that there were already a few Mario titles released and a remake of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.


So overall I am going to go over some of the pros and cons of the Wii U and hopefully this will help you make a decision on whether or not the Wii U is right for you.


Touch Screen(Could be a con for some people).

Exclusive Nintendo titles.

Miiverse(Has potential) .

Interesting YouTube interface.


Backward compatible with Wii games.

Compatible with old Wii controllers.

Access to a stockpile of retro video games.



No Twitch.TV .

Lack of third party titles.

No Crunchyroll.

Behind in technology compared to Xbox One and PS4.

Lack of social network integration.

Lack of multiplayer titles.


So overall I think the Wii U has a lot of potential but before they reach that potential the Xbox One and PS4 might catch up where is lacking right now, in exclusive  titles. I think just like Apple, Nintendo has developed a great brand that people love, so they will continue to sell systems. But this will only get them so far.

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Happy New Year 2014


I just want to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year! I hope 2014 brings everyone good things.

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Youmacon 2013



Hello fellow gamers! First off I want to apologize for getting this post out so late. I have been busy with the holidays but I wanted to share my first Youmacon experience with you all. It was an experience I will never forget and an event I will go to every year now.

The Hotel

I stayed Saturday night at the Ren Center Marriott hotel. I made my hotel reservation earlier in the year to secure my room. The check in process was very easy. There was no line and I got to check right in at 4:00 PM. The room was $130 a night plus a $100 deposit(because I payed in cash). I was very impressed with the room, which I did not spend a lot of time in except for drinks in between events. The room has two nice queen beds and a mini fridge. Food was great with a large selection in the food court and pizza right outside Andiamo.

Cobo Hall

Cobo had a lot to offer with live panels, many different anime viewings, and cool things to buy in the dealer room. I ended up meeting Sarah Natochenny, who is the current voice of Ash Ketchum on Pokemon. I also stayed and watched a lot of anime.



The Game Room

The game room was one of my favorite places to be at the con. As a lover and collector of retro video games, this place had it all. I spent a decent amount of time playing Black Ops II and Japanese video games. I also took at crack at the League of Legends tournament. They had pinball machines and every video game system. I also enjoyed the wide selection of fighting games.





The Rave

This was by far my favorite part of Youmacon! The rave was so live and the music was great. I raved until about 5:00 AM. They had tango lines and everyone really got into it. I did not see a lot of drugs going around but I am sure it was there. This was an all ages rave, which was cool since the person I was with was under 21. 



Bottom line is, I had a great time and I feel very much apart of the Youmacon family. The only problem I had was leaving the hotel on Sunday. It took my an hour to get from my floor to the lobby since all of the elevators were full. Not the con’s fault but hopefully they can find a way to control it next year.



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Social Media and Gaming Contacts

I just wanted to throw out some ways to get ahold of me in the social media world and gaming contacts. Add or follow me anytime. I love to meet new people.

Twitter @GamerDET
Facebook: DetroitGamer1
Google Plus: DetroitGamer1
Instagram: DetroitGamer
YouTube: DetroitGamer1
Twitch: DetroitGamer
Steam: DetroitGamer
Xbox: DetroitGame
PSN: DetroitGame
League of Legends: Lufia
World of Warcraft: Draxo(Silvermoon)
FFXIV: Bobby Paladin(Exodus)

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The Rise of e-Sports!

It is a good time to be a gamer right now. e-Sports is the third largest sport worldwide! Check out the statistics listed below for some great e-Sports facts.


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Motor City Comic Con 2013

This was my first visit to Motor City Comic Con. Every year I want to go there is always something that prevents me from going. But not this year. This year I purchased advanced ticket to make sure I could go. I also decided to take my 6 year old son with me. I did not know what to expect since this was my first time here. I was very happy and also very disappointed with certain things. I’ll start with the negative items. First mistake I made was deciding to go on a Saturday. I had to wait an hour just to get into the parking lot. Once I finally got in the parking lot I was greeted with a 2 hour wait just to get in the door. So my thinking advanced tickets and arriving an hour early did no good at all. Once I got in I made it just in time to get my photo op with Marina Sirtis and Robert Duncan McNeill. I started first with Marina who was very comfortable and very kind to my son which really made me happy. Next I had a photo op with Robert and I have to say he was great, very friendly. He shook my hand and introduced himself to my son and was super kind to him. So after my photo op I decided to get some food since I had nothing to eat all day while I wait for the photos to be printed. Much to my surprise I was greeted with a super long line that I had to wait in for over an hour to get 2 slices of pizza, pretzel, and sprite. I regretted this since I was only at the con another hour since my son was getting tired. By the time I finished my food the con was packed so bad you could barely move. So I walked over to Robert and Marina to get autographs. Marina’s line was too long so I decided to skip it and go to Robert’s line that only had one person in line. I was greeted by a smiling Robert who forgot who we were (but I understand since he sees so many people). Once again he immediately started talking to my son and introduced himself as “Robbie” and asked my son for his name. He talked to him for a few minutes and asked him if he was thirsty, my son replied “Yes”. He handed my son a bottle of water and told him it was nice to meet him. He then looked to me and asked me who to write the autograph to. I told him my name after I paused for a few seconds since I was standing in front of one of my childhood heroes. He asked me if I forgot my name and chuckled. I said thank you for the autograph and walked away a very happy guy. The hero I grew up watching on TV turned out to be a really cool guy and was very nice to my son (which I later found out he has boys of his own). So after my mission was accomplished I walked over to the panel room and watched comic legend Stan Lee talk to the audience. After this my son was tired and wanted to get a Minecraft sword. After fighting crowds I was able to find one and then we both decided to end our adventure for the day. I had fun and made some great memories but I think I will go on a Sunday next year. *Not to be a jerk but I covered up my son’s face because I don’t want his photo out on the net. Thanks for understanding.

Bob, Cam, and Robbie

Tom Paris Autograph

Bob, Cam, and Marina

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St. Paddy’s Day Parade Downtown Detroit 2013

So for the first time in my life I decided to go to the parade in Downtown Detroit this past Sunday. I have to admit I had a blast. The bars were packed and everybody was having a good time. I did not see much of the parade itself but still a good time. I am sharing some of the pictures with you so enjoy. As you can see I brought the party back to my house but the excitment was too much for me.



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The Big Bang Theory

Well, I have to admit I am really starting to like this show. Being a geek who works in IT everyone would always tell me that I must love The Big Bang Theory. After the 4th or 5th time being asked I started to think maybe I will like this show. So today I watched it for the first time. After 4 episodes I started to notice a pattern. Half of the cast of Roseanne is on the show! But the story seems basic, hot lovable chick and two nerds that in real life would not stand a chance. So the main nerd Leonard falls for Penny and from what I gathered from the first four episodes will spend the life of the show trying to make Penny his girlfriend which I am sure without a doubt will happen. But bottom line is this show is great for geeks and everyone else. I highly recommend everyone watches it and maybe it will bring out the geek in you.

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First Post!!

Well this is my first post on my blog. I just want to start by thanking you for caring enough to view my blog to begin with and I hope that you can either learn something or find something amusing on here. On this blog I will review video games, anime, technology and other things that intrest me. I welcome comments from everyone and I will do my best to respond to everyone.

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