Forced to Buy an Xbox One.

As most gamers are, I am very excited about the release of Titanfall. Titanfall has gained the attention of gamers everywhere with endorsements from professional gamers, plentiful amounts of beta keys being given away, live Twitch coverage of the beta, and of course the hard work of the developers  creating such an awesome game. But what I am not happy with is how I feel like I am being forced to buy an Xbox One. Now don’t get me wrong, I planned on buying one at some point. But with the release of Titanfall on Xbox One and PC before the release of the 360 version and the fact that the long awaited broadcasting feature from Twitch is coming to Xbox One on March 11th (which is coincidently the same day Titanfall is released for Xbox One and PC) I feel forced into buying an Xbox One. I know I could just play it on PC but I enjoy streaming and console gaming. I guess this article is more of a rant but I was hoping to hold off on an Xbox One until at least the release of The Elder Scrolls Online in June. Any opinions on the matter are greatly appreciated.

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