Youmacon 2013



Hello fellow gamers! First off I want to apologize for getting this post out so late. I have been busy with the holidays but I wanted to share my first Youmacon experience with you all. It was an experience I will never forget and an event I will go to every year now.

The Hotel

I stayed Saturday night at the Ren Center Marriott hotel. I made my hotel reservation earlier in the year to secure my room. The check in process was very easy. There was no line and I got to check right in at 4:00 PM. The room was $130 a night plus a $100 deposit(because I payed in cash). I was very impressed with the room, which I did not spend a lot of time in except for drinks in between events. The room has two nice queen beds and a mini fridge. Food was great with a large selection in the food court and pizza right outside Andiamo.

Cobo Hall

Cobo had a lot to offer with live panels, many different anime viewings, and cool things to buy in the dealer room. I ended up meeting Sarah Natochenny, who is the current voice of Ash Ketchum on Pokemon. I also stayed and watched a lot of anime.



The Game Room

The game room was one of my favorite places to be at the con. As a lover and collector of retro video games, this place had it all. I spent a decent amount of time playing Black Ops II and Japanese video games. I also took at crack at the League of Legends tournament. They had pinball machines and every video game system. I also enjoyed the wide selection of fighting games.





The Rave

This was by far my favorite part of Youmacon! The rave was so live and the music was great. I raved until about 5:00 AM. They had tango lines and everyone really got into it. I did not see a lot of drugs going around but I am sure it was there. This was an all ages rave, which was cool since the person I was with was under 21. 



Bottom line is, I had a great time and I feel very much apart of the Youmacon family. The only problem I had was leaving the hotel on Sunday. It took my an hour to get from my floor to the lobby since all of the elevators were full. Not the con’s fault but hopefully they can find a way to control it next year.



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