The Big Bang Theory

Well, I have to admit I am really starting to like this show. Being a geek who works in IT everyone would always tell me that I must love The Big Bang Theory. After the 4th or 5th time being asked I started to think maybe I will like this show. So today I watched it for the first time. After 4 episodes I started to notice a pattern. Half of the cast of Roseanne is on the show! But the story seems basic, hot lovable chick and two nerds that in real life would not stand a chance. So the main nerd Leonard falls for Penny and from what I gathered from the first four episodes will spend the life of the show trying to make Penny his girlfriend which I am sure without a doubt will happen. But bottom line is this show is great for geeks and everyone else. I highly recommend everyone watches it and maybe it will bring out the geek in you.

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